Synkwise Security

Synkwise Security: Specify IP addresses for product access

Synkwise introduced a new security feature in version 3.18 – IP allowlisting. IP allowlisting gives you an additional level of control, allowing you to specify which IP addresses users must use to access content from Synkwise. When you set an allowlist for Synkwise it applies to all staff members of your organization. 

IP allowlisting feature is enabled only for PLUS package. Please learn more about Synkwise plans.

If staff members aren’t accessing the Synkwise application from an IP addresses in the allowlist, they see a message explaining why they don’t have access. The owner of the organization can access the Synkwise by passing these rules.

You can set up infinite IP addresses or network blocks per allowlist. We support IPv4 for individual IP address. If you’re entering a network block, we support the CIDR notation standard for specifying a block of IP addresses. Refer to CIDR notation more details about how to use CIDR notation.

Some examples of values that you can add:

CIDR block168.188.100.0/28

Where to configure your IP allowlist?

In Synkwise, select Administration > Settings, and then select Security page.

  1. From the Security page, click Add Rule button.
  2. Enter details for your allowlist. You can enter your IP address or CIDR block.
  3. Click Save to save the details.