Synkwise Feature

Form Builder

The Custom Forms Builder will allow users to create customized forms, tailored to their specific workflows. Once the form template is created, users are able to fill out, sign off, and submit their forms.

Build Custom Forms

Building forms electronically gives you an opportunity to customize your forms to reflect your business needs and collect important and meaningful data sets. In addition, Synkwise digital forms work across multiple platforms, collecting data anytime from desktop and mobile.

Better Reporting

Filing in forms electronically allows your staff to capture and share the critical information needed for reports. Important information wouldn’t be as each form has required (mandatory) fields to complete.

Easy To Access

The ease of access is one of the biggest winners to our Form Builder. Having the ability to access and generate digital forms with ease improves workflow and productivity in an era predominantly reliant on remote work. Reports are always available for download, export, or on-demand distribution with just a few clicks away.

Eco-friendly Work Environment

Going paperless in your business will have a significant impact on the environment. Less paper leads to reduced impact on forests, cut energy use and climate change emissions, limit water and air pollution and produce less waste. You can make a difference by utilizing digital forms today.