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This page is designed to provide an introduction to the general subject matter of resource forms. It is provided as a free courtesy with the understanding that Synkron Systems, LLC, this website publisher, are not engaged in providing legal advice. Every situation is different. Laws vary from state to state. You should seek advice from a qualified lawyer instead of relying on any of the information provided here.

We at Synkron Systems, LLC seek to provide information we hope you find useful to start thinking about issues you need to consider with legal counsel, or ways to streamline your client care.

This page is thus a way for businesses and individuals to find information about possible health information disclosure obligations, reporting obligations, information they might need to provide to clients or employees, and so forth. Although compiled by Synkron Systems, LLC, which provides the Synkwise Services for managing residential care facilities, the resources on this page do not constitute and cannot substitute for competent legal advice from competent lawyers. Among other things the variability of each client and each resident care situation, the number of employees, and possible state and federal laws that apply to each caregiver are so variable that we cannot provide an overview or analysis that would cover any and all specific circumstances. Also, we do not maintain these documents on a regular basis and so we do not cover all related developments on all issues. Nor have we vetted these documents with counsel. We do not represent that any document is accurate and complete for your needs.

Synkron Systems, LLC is not the author of these documents. Synkron Systems, LLC specifically disclaims any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, which is or might be incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents here.