Affordable pricing for growing your Residential Care Facility

* Multiple homes receive a 10% discount


$10 resident /month
$39 home /month
Total $99 / month
Billed monthly, tax not included
For homes just getting started with managing all their work in one place.

The Starter includes:

Resident Care
From intake to discharge, Synkwise helps you efficiently manage resident care every step of the way. This module gives the provider all of the necessary tools from health monitoring alerts to effective communication.
Manage Medications
Synkwise provides an eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record) that helps your caregiver to never miss a beat when it comes to accuracy. Our eMAR is intelligently designed to prevent medication errors. It can be a matter of life or death.
Manage Home
Synkwise is designed to help both the newcomer and the seasoned provider. Be confident that we’ll help you organize all of your documents with proactive alerts to keep your business up and running without the fear of citations.
Manage Staff
This module gives you full control to manage your team. Finally, you can manage your staff through KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). This will drive accountability and transparency across the board.
Reports Now
This module is equipped to generate a variety of reports to evaluate multiple aspects of care. You don’t always have the time to search through hundreds of pages to find what you need. What you need is just a few clicks away.
Time Tracker
Synkwise provides the time tracking and timesheet functionality and lets you track work hours of your staff.
Synkwise provides integrations with different Pharmacies.
HIPAA Email & eFax (Outbound)
Synkwise provides the ability send faxes and customize the fax cover.

PlusMost Popular

$10 resident /month
$69 home /month
Total $129 / month
Billed monthly, tax not included
For homes that need to manage complex workflows with more tools and reporting.

Starter features, plus:

Task Manager
Task Manager Module will help to keep record of residents daily activities, and not only. The daily work routine of each staff member can be scheduled and managed using the Task management tool in Synkwise.
Custom Roles
The healthcare sector encompasses a broad spectrum of roles, each with its unique responsibilities and expertise. This module provides the flexibility to assign specific roles and permissions, enabling you to tailor access for each staff member according to their designated area of responsibility.
Custom Forms
The Custom Forms Builder will allow users to create customized forms, tailored to their specific workflows. Once the form template is created, users are able to fill out, sign off, and submit their forms.
Compliance Analysis
Synkwise Compliance Analysis will help residential care facility to be in compliance and identify the area you need attention.
Digital Signature
Empower yourself with our cutting-edge Digital Signature solution, which enables users to seamlessly request and electronically sign a wide array of documents, forms, assessments, care plans, and more. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and streamline your signature management, all within a single, user-friendly platform.
SMS Alerts
Setup SMS text alerts for urgent matter, i.e. a document is expiring, a medication is missed or a task is not completed.
iOS and Android AppsSoon
Stay connected with Synkwise from your mobile phone.
+ Integrations
Integrations help your team get more done in Synkwise using third party tools.

ProComing soon

For large homes that need more automations and integrations.

Plus features, and:

Synkwise Messenger
HIPAA Compliant Messaging Tool will help to secure communicate between staff members while still remaining in compliance with industry standards and regulations.
eFax (Inbound & Outbound)Soon
eFax module - send and receive faxes.
+ Integrations
Great integrations - will surprise you!

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