Team Spotlight – Cristian Popa

In the intricate dance of development, QA engineers are the rhythm that ensures every step is precise and every performance flawless. They are the silent guardians of excellence, turning the vision of our tech startup into a masterpiece of reliability.

Why is QA your field of choice?
Because I like to do things better and help any Dev team to provide a product with better quality (After I break them).

Can you share a memorable team moment or achievement?
There are numerous beautiful moments and modest accomplishments that collectively establish a foundation for future achievements and productive collaboration with the development team. This includes establishing team workflows with QA and stage environments, creating an efficient structure for both manual and automated test cases within this environment and framework, and proactively identifying and resolving potential future issues at an early stage, all while preparing contingency plans. And the most exciting developments are yet to come…

What’s something you’d like non-tech users to know about what you do?
“Exhaustive testing is impossible.” There are infinite combinations that can be done so QA is not like a wall that stops every bug and issue but more like a Police Department captain who does his best to use his limited resources in the best way possible to find and stop as many criminals (bugs xD) as possible. Permanently checking the high-crime areas in his town; concentrating his resources on catching the most dangerous criminals but also not forgetting about simple crime; Developing his infrastructure and permanently adding new ways and equipment; etc.

What’s your go-to playlist or music genre when working?
This is hard… Rock, hard rock, classic, pop, dance, house… Depending on the workload… Last month was Hard Rock.

Coffee or tea? Or something else entirely when working?