Team Spotlight – Maxim Neescas

Behind every successful innovation are the unseen hours of dedication and the brilliant minds that dared to dream big. Our team’s passion is the spark that ignites our collective success.

How did you first get into software development?
It all started at university. I entered the IT specialty, and during my studies, I found an internship, so I got into the current team and project.

Can you share a memorable team moment or achievement?
Every day with my team is memorable and every day we solve new and interesting challenges. But if I have to single out the most interesting one, it’s Hackathon 2022. We all came together with ideas to improve Synkwise and worked on our ideas for a week, helping each other in parallel.

What’s something you wish non-developers knew about what you do?
I am a Software developer and for many people that means a regular programmer who writes code. However, this is not the case. Software development is a whole complex of solving problems and challenges. And of course, you can’t do it without a reliable team, as well as without daily self-development to stay on the level.

What’s your go-to playlist or music genre when coding?
I listen to a wide variety of music, but while coding most of the time it’s rock.

Coffee or tea? Or something else entirely when coding?
Definitely coffee, no work day starts without it.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or the Synkwise project worth mentioning?
Every day I work on Synkwise, which makes people’s lives easier and I think that’s the most important thing I’m doing at this point in my life – helping others.