Uplifting The Standard of Residential Care With Synkwise

Uplifting The Standard of Residential Care With Synkwise

Finding and maintaining order and visibility in your residential care facility (AFH, ACH, ALH, etc.) can be a daunting task. Each of your residents has unique needs, service, and care plans to be followed diligently, and with these plans changing frequently, it’s not uncommon for some details to be overlooked. This doesn’t only risk providing the highest level of care to your residents, but potentially exposes you to liability from regulatory agencies. 

The Most Common Citation Factors

One of the most common reasons for citations to be issued to a facility involves errors in medication management. Prescriptions for your residents can change frequently as their health and needs evolve, so staying on top of accounting for any meds on hand can get hard to manage in short order. You never want to have orders that are out of date and irrelevant, or medications on hand that residents are no longer prescribed or perhaps in different dosages than required. 

All of this disarray can quickly lead to a situation where administrations are missed or improperly charted. There’s perhaps not a more potentially grave situation for patient well-being and facility liability than this. 

Keeping Care Plans Up To Date  

Residential care facilities are very familiar with the concept of a care or service plan, it guides caregivers in addressing every need of resident patients. They also know just how out of control these plans can become and in short order. When a resident first moves into your facility their care plan can probably fit into a binder just fine, but after a year or more of care, they can quickly balloon to a stack of binders including care plans, face sheets, agreements, medical history, discharge, paperwork, progress notes, etc. This disarray makes full visibility over their health and care nearly impossible to achieve.  

You could try digitizing the information into a word document or PDF, but you’ll soon realize that being able to stay on top of the needs for proper plan management is an astronomical task without a specialized solution. A simple document, even if it is digital, can’t take proactive steps like reminding you of upcoming medication administrations or missed doses. 

You need to ensure that the plan is accurate at all times, signed off on by any relevant parties when developed or altered. On top of that, it needs to be quickly accessible to licensors, doctors and third-party clinicians. None of this can be adequately managed with a single document, likely with far too many versions in circulation. 

Real-Time Visibility

The standard of care for most residential care facilities typically doesn’t permit complete oversight of every resident at all times, let alone remotely. Administrators need to rely solely on the word of their staff to make sure that all patients are receiving medication administration to the proper times and that all care plans are being met diligently. 

It’s almost 2022, facility administrators should be able to have a complete look at the health of their operation from the top down. This will minimize the possibility of mistakes and ensure the highest level of care for your resident patients, allowing your facility to stand out in a landscape where patients have more options every day for managed care. The rest of the medical community has fully embraced the use of technology for health management, why haven’t we for the care of the elderly? 

How Synkwise Raises the Standard of Care 

An all-in-one solution to the management of your residential care facility is here with Synkwise! Using our platform, administrators can have complete visibility over the care and management of every patient. From the dashboard, you can know if there are any potential red flags in your facility from one place. With email alerts and reminders for medications, care plans or any other documents that have an expiration or renewal date.

You’ll never miss a dose again with digital charting and med reminders integrated into each patient’s profile. Every aspect of your facility can be monitored remotely as well as on-site. Every document for each resident resides in a central location with robust organizational tools built-in. All the information you need is at your fingertips when you need it, and all changes made are reflected across the board instantly.

A Better Picture of Health

Having an outlook on the patient’s overall health at any specific time it’s very important, but what’s even more valuable is to see the trend over time. Our fluid progress note charting makes it simple for all staff to complete end-of-shift charting. Taking all of the data points from a specific patient’s chart, Synkwise will generate a visual representation so you can see what direction their Health is heading and what specific factors need to be addressed most. 

We offer a system centered around accountability that lets you focus on completing tasks to enhance residents’ quality of life. This will allow you to give patients the best care possible with complete oversight and the most judicious use of resources on hand. Contact us today to see how Synkwise can raise the standard of care in your facility.