Covid Screening through Task Manager and Health Monitor

Hi Synkwise Family,

As the year comes to an end and we engage in the Christmas and New Year celebrations, may we remember the truly important things. May we remember to love our family and share of our blessings with the less privileged. May the joy of the season fill our lives and homes. Happy celebrations .

We’ve deployed the latest release 3.3.0
The new release contains new features, improvements and bug fixes.


  • Resident Diets – diets are so important in context of health monitoring, medicine administrations and wellness overall. Now you can set resident diets within profile. This information is reflected within eMar, Resident, Report modules (within printed reports as well);
  • Discontinue Physician Orders – upload discontinuation physician order when discontinue a drug in eMar.


  • Covid Screening through Task Manager and Health Monitor – We have tried to create an efficient workflow in terms of systematic vital signs check & register within Synkwise – by creating tasks with health monitor restrictions. You can use task manager with any of available vital signs from Health Monitor module;
  • Behavior Vital Sign – new vital sign has been added within Health Monitor module. As any other vitals in can be found on Vital Statistics, Health Monitor pages.

And a lot of bug fixes and small improvements.

Feel free to drop a comment below with any questions!