Stay compliant with Inspection Analysis Synkwise

Adult Family Home Compliance with Inspection Analysis

Note: Inspection analysis is available for WA State Only Customers (for now).

Healthcare is an at-risk industry that is highly regulated in just about everything: HIPPA security standards, minimum licensing requirements, narcotic dispense regulations, charting accuracy and so much more. Maintaining compliance is everything when it comes to protecting your facility and the resident patients under your watch. Care Providers are responsible for meeting the requirements of the current Washington Administrative Codes (WAC’s) & Revised Codes of Washington (RCW’s). If your facility does not correspond to industry norms and laws, you’re exposing yourself to citations and elevated liability.

Stay compliant with Inspection Analysis

Let’s take a look at how the Synkwise Inspection Analysis works and helps improve compliance. Our solution audit’s all documents (Provider, Resident, and Employee records).

The Diagnostics module is divided into three main sections:

Facility Records

It audits all facility records, such as mock inspections, evacuation drills to be completed every two months, business license validation, and documents related to Facility Policies and Procedures.

Resident Care
Resident Records

This section checks all resident records: assessments, care plans, Physician orders, missed medications, PRN’s medication follow-up documents, and other legal documents.

Employee Records

This section tracks all employee records: hire date, credential requirements for all care staff, required training, continued education documents, etc.

Here are some of the main features of the Inspection Analysis in a nutshell:

Expiration Dates

The inspection module allows you to verify the expiration dates of each critical document easily. Once running the analysis, the outdated documents are reflected in the total score and marked with a red indicator. There is a possibility to set a new expiration date for an outdated document inside the rule.

Inspection Preferences

Our Inspection Preferences allow you to easily disable or enable a rule depending on your facility’s preferences or applicability. Always pursue best practices!

Other Features

You can easily give licensor access to the Inspection or print the Current Inspection Report. Useful lifehack: in order to take off a licensor or family account from the Inspection, you can mark them as Non-Employee in Update Staff Information so that their presence in the list of employees does not affect the final score.

To conclude, Inspection Analysis is used to assess and document the current state of compliance oversight and management, as well as helps to keep track of missing or expiring documents and dates for a staff account, resident, and facility. Washington State has one of the most stringent licensing standards in the nation for Long-Term Residential Care Settings. These requirements are highly complex; they change frequently, often requiring operational and workflow changes, ongoing education, internal audits, health IT compliance updates, and more.

Additionally, DSHS licensors inspect licensed homes and providers every 10 to 18 months on average. Inspections take place without warning. Therefore, providers must comply at all times.

Compliance Analysis is crucial to creating a safe, high-performing, high-reliability environment. Our mission is to ensure that everyone in your organization understands how their actions contribute to healthcare compliance and the target inspection score. Book a demo to discover how Synkwise can help you comply with all the requirements, applicable laws, and regulations.