Team Spotlight – Ion Topala

In the world of code and pixels, where innovation meets dedication, our team shines brightest. Our creativity and commitment turn challenges into opportunities, driving our journey forward. Together, we’re not just building a product; we’re crafting the future.

How did you first get into software development?
I’ve studied Networking at college for about 4 years and by the end of it I realized that I wanted to do something else than configuring and maintaining networks. As a result, I chose to pursue further education in creating and developing products and I applied to a university program aligned with my new aspirations.

Can you share a memorable team moment or achievement?
I think when I get the opportunity to work on a Windows service that communicates with our website. I could learn something really new for me and create an installer that will automatically register the new app.

What’s something you wish non-developers knew about what you do?
Sometimes, a specific functionality can be developed within a day, but in other cases, even seemingly straightforward tasks might require additional time due to architectural limitations, constraints, or other factors.

What’s your go-to playlist or music genre when coding?
I actually have two main playlists one with Indie music and another one with depressing and quiet songs, it depends on the mood actually. However, I listen to a lot of types of music.

Coffee or tea? Or something else entirely when coding?
There is beauty in simplicity – these words describe very well what tea represents to me, so definitely tea.