Team Spotlight – Nelly Cechina

Our journey is marked not just by the goals achieved, but by the teamwork and perseverance that got us here. Our incredible teams’ talents and enthusiasm make every challenge a stepping stone.

How did you first get into software development?
My journey into software development started during my university years, where I initially immersed myself in the field. I continued to improve my skills by independently taking courses and learning opportunities.

Can you share a memorable team moment or achievement?
I find great satisfaction in accomplishing tasks that follow meticulous investigation and strategic implementation planning within the team. It’s these moments of success that truly stand out for me.

What’s something you wish non-developers knew about what you do?
I hope non-developers can understand that it’s not just about writing code, it involves logic, continuous learning, and problem-solving. The process demands patience, attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate effectively to create innovative solutions.

What’s your go-to playlist or music genre when coding?
My choice of playlist or music genre while coding varies widely, ranging from calming tunes to energetic rock beats. It all depends on the mood at the moment.

Coffee or tea? Or something else entirely when coding?
My beverage choice varies with the changing seasons. During colder days, I tend to lean towards tea with lemon, whereas, in warmer weather, I typically opt for coffee.